Being a French Waterdog, a refreshing dip in one of the many creeks during the hot summers is pure entertainment. And the other seasons are surely not holding me back to jump into the water. My favorite game is to apport twigs and sticks thrown into the water by my family. To get some bonus points from my master I can “shudder” when ordered to do so before entering the house or the car. When it gets worse and the pet dryer is the only compromise, honestly, I don’t care.


It’s fantastic not to loose my beautiful locks, which makes me an ideal friend for those who might be allergic to fur.


I adore going into the forest to pick wild mushrooms, like girolles, pieds de moutons, chanterelles but most of all the cèpes. If you really insist, I will lead you to those highly secret spots where those highly valuable species grow ….. During fall, this mushroom obsession is always a good reason to gain some extra hikes in nature. Someone once told me that my special nose might have a good potential to find these cèpes. So my masters decided to lock in some dedicated training sessions.

I enjoy the dog trainings at the domaine de Lacombe. through my natural intelligence, I don’t need them, though they are beneficial for my master I must say.


  • 2018 EURODOG SHOW KORTRIJK : 3rd – Excellent
  • 2019 Expo International Tarbes: CACIB – Best of breed
  • 2019 Expo International Tarbes: 2e – group 8 “retrievers”


I’m the ideal shopping dog. I wait at the entrance impatiently for my master, whilst keeping an eye on her. In the meantime, with my looks I seduce any one who crosses my path and appreciate their numerous pets.

Restaurants, bistros, terraces, no problem for me. On the contrary they are a real pleasure for me especially when bypassers give me compliments and pets.

I can be a real city girl. The typical noises, the crowd and other dogs I pass do not bother me. I take easily the tram, the bus and train. No worries, I do compensate a city stroll largely once back home in the country side.

It is the perfect balance my masters carefully look after

My project