Sanctuary hidden in the Catalan Pyrenees.

Ideal place to distress or to ski peacefully.

Home of Mossur, a Catalan sheep dog “Gos d’Atura Catalan” we loved very much.


Dame in Gascony, an old but catchy dialect of the Landes de Bordeaux.

Lady of mossur, the lord of the house.


The neighbourhood where Nuria grew up, in the middle of the country side, with its endless forests, plants and wildlife, south of Bordeaux.

Kennel Dauna de Fraye

The love for our dog and its unique character motivates us to conserve its delights by means of our kennel.

A fine selection on basis of the standards of the race and our proper criteria, are essential for the quality of our kennel.

Every dog is unique on his own, like our Barbet, and why not your puppy barbet soon!

I’m adorable because